What is the minimum number of trees needed in my landscape to provide energy conservation benefits?

Each yard is unique in its orientation to the summer sun, winter winds and spaces available for planting trees. In some situations, your neighbor’s trees may be providing your property with shade, cooling effects or blocking cold winds. In this situation, the minimum energy conservation benefits are met without the need for planting trees. In cases where your yard and surroundings are void of trees, a single tree placed correctly can provide some energy conservation. Make the most from your tree or trees by planting for shade on your home and cooling unit, evaporative cooling, or windbreaks.


A good place to start your planning is at the Arbor Day Foundation’s website:  http://energysavingtrees.arborday.org/ . Here, you can map your house. It will show you the right trees for your area and help you to find the best place to plant them.