What is the fastest-growing tree I can plant to shade my house?

Tree growth is inherent to the specific tree species. Tree growth is typically defined by the nursery trade as slow (3-6 inches per year), moderate (5-8 inches per year), or fast (10+ inches per year). However, many factors can contribute to what your actual growth per year may be. Some of these include:

•   the right tree in the right place for the site conditions,

•   the quality of the tree,

•   proper planting, and

•   weather patterns.

It is best to consider your USDA plant zone and choose a tree species that is well suited to the site and your climate. Remember also, fast-growing trees are on average shorter-lived and more prone to limb breakage and wind damage.  You may want to consider planting additional trees that will live longer when you plant those you want for shade.