Trees for Energy Conservation

Urban Forest Aerial View
Credit: Thiago Martins

Why trees for energy conservation?

Trees provide economic, environmental, psychological and social benefits to humans. Energy savings are one such highly valued benefit or service urban trees provide. Did you know that just 17% shade on a building from trees for example can reduce power bills by $10/ month or that urban trees can lower surrounding temperatures by as much as 20° F? Alternatively, trees can reduce winter heating costs by 15% through wind control. Correct planning, design, and care for urban trees is essential to maximize their energy conserving benefits.

The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council sponsored the development of the comprehensive, online urban forestry and energy conservation informational eXtension page, Trees for Energy Conservation. Site visitors can locate research-based information from a network of national urban forestry, energy conservation, and community development experts. Explore the Trees for Energy Conservation page for multi-media educational resources on urban tree management practices that maximize the energy-saving aspects of trees. Features of this website include:

  • An “Ask an Expert” feature that puts you directly in touch with urban forestry specialists in the field
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)–take advantage of questions you may have that have been answered
  • Informative articles and fact sheets on a variety of subjects
  • Urban forestry eLearning opportunities via the latest technologies leading to a certificate of completion
  • Urban forestry instructional videos
  • Links to relevant articles, news, events, and much more

eLearning screenshot-urban forestry
Credit: Sarah Ashton, Urban Forestry e-learning

Our community of practice (CoP), Urban Forestry and Energy Conservation, believes that trees and urban forestry practices are under-utilized when it comes to saving energy. This CoP fills a need to provide information and tools to those interested in taking action to save energy through trees and urban forestry methods.

Our experts are here to provide:

  • Basic tree care, planting and urban forestry techniques for your trees at home and in your community.
  • Tips to reduce energy consumption and ways of measuring these reductions so you can know your impacts and realize the benefits.
  • Resources for educators and decisionmakers to help them plan and effectively communicate the role urban forestry plays in conserving energy.
  • Learning experiences and tools for those interested in making easy, well-informed decisions for their trees to save energy.

Meet our Community Leadership Team!

For more information, contact: Holly Campbell, Project Manager, Southern Regional Extension Forestry,